How Jobpedal Works

Jobpedal replaced outdated Paper and Electronic CVs with a new way of presenting yourself to your future employer. It's simple, time saving and it can be done by yourself.

See What They Have To Say About Jobpedal

Day by day more and more people get registered in jobpedal, to find their first job or to find better job. Find out more below about their experience with us….

Daisy Roberts

Jobseeker from England

When I was recruiting people it was very different talking with someone over the phone or interviewing someone in person. Thanks to JobPedal you can see the employee on the video and that cuts a lot of time both for the employer and the employee

Erica Torning

Jobseeker from Sydney

I think JobPedal is amazing due to the so many employers that are seeking people like myself. I think people should join JopPedal because it's a very convenient and productive way to find work

Erik Hudak

Jobseeker from Slovakia

Job Pedal gives you the opportunity to create different profiles based on your experience, easily send it to the employer you choose and enhance your chances to get hired in different industries

David Hubbard

Jobseeker from New Zealand

JobPedal is good for me because I am not good in writing down and getting my point across. It's great to be able to extrovert myself in the way I know

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