A video resume offers a job applicant the ability to be creative, personable, and eloquent. If anything, it will presumably obtain the attention of a hiring manager as it’s both unique and refreshing. Rather than prepare a dry, bland resume, constructing a video resume makes the hiring process a whole other ball game. However, it’s imperative to stick to a few guidelines in order to ensure a successful outcome - priorities for a video resume include, but aren’t limited to, keeping it short, wearing proper attire, speaking lucidly, revealing one’s personality without going over the top, and literally setting the stage. Please read the following tips in order to prevent glaring mistakes.

1) Keep it Short

For a video resume, it should be succinct. Failure to do so may bore a hiring manager or over complicate a resume. Typically, a resume should be read in around thirty seconds, but, in the case of a video resume - if it includes a cover letter - it should be between 60-90 seconds. So, it’s crucial to time yourself, or have a friend time it so it doesn’t extend too long.

2) Wear Proper Attire

Please don’t wear crocs or JNCO jeans - a video resume is a bit different from bingo night. This is an instance whereby studying company culture is a must. This means it’s necessary to hop online and research the mission statement, company culture, and the general workplace environment. Is the company a new age tech startup? Or, is it a high-level position on Wall Street? Don’t be lazy and conduct the requisite research.

3) Enunciate, Enunciate, and Enunciate

There is nothing more frustrating for a hiring manager not being able understand the video resume presenter. It’s quite simple really: don’t speak too fast, properly pronounce words, and find an appropriate volume. You don’t want to scream, nor do you want to speak akin to a librarian. In order to ensure clarity, make sure to perform the video resume in front of a friend, and moreover, watch the video prior to submission.

4) Show Who You Are

Your personality plays an enormous part in the hiring process. Show yourself off! Now, this doesn’t mean singing a Beyonce song or performing a card trick. What it means is to show how your particular personality will ultimately benefit the said employer. Show why your personality would mesh well in the job environment - the hiring manager wants to know whether or not your personality will function in a positive manner within the parameters of the work environment. And why not show off some gregarious gestures? Smile, sit straight, and show interest!

5) Provide an Aesthetically Pleasing Background

First off, don’t sit in front of a plain white background as it’s objectively unappealing. In addition, don’t leave undesirable or questionable items in front of the camera. You wouldn't want the hiring manager to see your 5 foot mega bong right? Unless you enjoy remaining unemployed and see yourself living under a freeway overpass for life. Why not record it with some artwork in the background? Or in a respectfully decorated room? Remember to make the setting compelling.

Incidentally, a video resume separates oneself from the herd as it’s technologically sleek and engaging. Recording a respectful, clear, and mentally stimulating video is far preferable than a written resume. Most important, a video resume gives an applicant an upper hand because it shows an overall effort to impress the hiring manager. It’s much easier to construct a prototypical written resume template when compared to creating a video resume. Visual resumes require an element of creativity and an ability to be comfortable in front of a camera. Furthermore, employers, especially in the tech sector, appreciate video resumes because it demonstrates the capacity to work with computer editing and graphics. All the positives of a video resume are clear, so why not change up the routine. You surely don’t want to be caught behind the times in an age whereby yesterday has become closer to yesteryear.




Let me first start off by saying: congrats on getting to this step in life, whether you're still enrolled in college or on the job hunt. This step can best be described by the Twitter hashtag entitled “#Adulting,” which means, for all us youngins’ out there that it’s time for Mom and Dad to cut up the college credit card, i.e., “OH NO! No more late night calls to Pizza Hut.” And what’s most important in this digital age is to be flexible - the prototypical in-person interview is becoming less of a normality. In this tech oriented era, conducting an interview on Skype, or creating a video resume, is something that quite a few employers are accustomed to. This newage resume is fundamentally similar to the concept of a paper/digital resume, but is starkly different in regards to presenting oneself. It’s far from usual to attach a photo to a resume, so think a video resume as a streaming, photo attachment. Anyway, let’s proceed to some basics so you don’t end up creating “Numa Numa” Youtube Video.

You’re looking for work and you’re pumped about getting some great work done over summer. January can actually be a fantastic month to get ahead if you plan properly! If you have big plans and goals, honing the way you conduct your job search can be a great way to enhance your resume, your confidence and your future job prospects.

Traditionally, the months of December and January are when Australians like to relax. Most Aussies can be found on the beach, at the barbeque or in their backyards playing cricket. However, some of the more industrious of us like to use these months to invest in ourselves and our future.

If you’re a job seeker or careerist you will have heard the term “personal brand” lately but what is it and how can it help you gain the job of your dreams? 

Jeff Bezos, Founder and CEO of Amazon, says “Your brand is what people say about you when you are not in the room”. In today’s day and age, you only have a few minutes, or sometimes even a few seconds, to capture someone’s attention – whether that’s a potential recruiter, a manager that might get you a promotion, or a colleague who could assist you with a task. Nailing your personal brand will give you the best shot at gaining their attention.