Video presenting tips: How to create a great job seeking profile!

The world has shifted and changed and how you present yourself has never been so important now that smartphones, tablets, YouTube and other contemporary platforms are in common use for job seekers and employers alike.
Taking the step to create a good presentation video that shows potential employers what you have to offer can be a great step towards putting yourself in front of the right people and standing out from the crowd of job applicants.

Everyone is nervous before going on camera, so don’t worry if you feel anxious. There are studies that show that a little bit of anxiety or “stage fright” can actually be a good thing when we have to perform, as it floods our nervous system with adrenaline, making us more alert and aware.

JOB PEDAL has put together this useful guide to help you prepare for your upcoming video presentation. This advice is valuable to keep on hand; make sure you take the time to prepare in advance. This is your job search and you want to make the most of your current opportunities. The more you put in, the more you are likely to take out from the experience.


First on the list is how you look. Take the time to present yourself well. You do not need to look like Brad Pitt or Angelina Jolie, you simply need to present as your best self. Dress appropriately. For men, this usually means a collared shirt and for women, a neat and modest office shirt or blouse.

Take the time to make sure your face and hair are neat and fresh. A negative feature like a messy fringe or visible singlet can be very distracting to your potential audience. If you are wearing makeup, make sure it is subtle and professional-looking, never over the top. Men should have neatly groomed facial hair or be clean shaven.


Speak in a clear, slow voice and take the cue from your cameraman as to how fast you should speak. You often have to speak much slower than you would imagine. Annunciate your words carefully and take the time to think about the structure and syntax of the sentences you are saying: make sure your emphasis is placed on the correct words.

Often professional speechwriters use little markers on their script to show them where they need to take a breath and stop. This can be handy to do in your preparation phase. Never try to speak too many words in one go, you should never feel as if you are running out of breath.
Women should be advised to keep their voices in a low register if possible, avoid speaking from the “top of your voice” and speak from your diaphragm. This is the area just below your rib cage and men should also focus on drawing their breath from this space. Don’t be worried if you have to do two or three “takes” before you get your piece right, this is completely normal.


Often, when we read aloud or speak from memory, we rush through our words as we are thinking about the end of the project, rather than engaging with the content of what we are saying. A good way to test your speed is to read your script out while recording your voice only on your smartphone or tablet and listening back to it.

How do you sound? If you feel as if you are rushing through the content, take the time to slow your speech down and choose keywords to emphasise to make the point of what you are trying to impart, very clear.

What you say

Watch a few sample presentation videos online and consider what you would improve about them. You don’t have a long time to make your point – only a couple of minutes at most. Generally, people (potential employers included) lose their attention spans after only a few seconds. There are reports that attention spans can waver every thirty seconds or so.

When composing your script, be honest but make sure you present your best self and show your personality. You don’t have to be boring but take the process seriously and try not to come across as a joker, or on the other hand, too shy. Try to strike a balance.

Energy level

Often when we see bad videos online it’s down to the presenter having a low energy level on camera. Speak up, look engaged and try to connect with the camera, even if you are nervous. Don’t feel that you have to keep your hands firmly locked by your side. Move your arms and hands a bit as you talk to emphasise a point, but make sure you don’t go overboard as this could be distracting.

If you are nervous (and you probably will experience a few nerves, this is normal) use the extra adrenalin to push you to your “most energetic self”. Look directly at the camera, do not look down at your feet. Keep your chin slightly raised and make sure you smile!

Practice aloud

Spend some time practicing in front of a mirror at home. If you can, try to find a time when your partner, kids or flatmates are out of the house or in a part of the house where they won’t disturb you. Allow yourself to make as many mistakes as you like and have fun with the process; don’t take yourself too seriously.

As you practice, watch yourself in the mirror and try to connect with your own eyes as much as possible. This will become easier as you become more familiar with your script. Experiment with using a louder voice, softer voice, faster or slower delivery. Experiment with using your hands more or less. What looks the best and feels the most natural for you? Practice makes perfect. Use this tool to present your best self.

Have fun, but make sure you set the right tone

Don’t take the presentation video too seriously but don’t make light of it either. You need to strike the right balance between looking stiff and boring and making light of the situation and coming off as unprofessional. Try watching presenters on TV or online that you admire. What makes them personable and relatable? Try to incorporate some of these elements into your personal presentation.

Final words

This is your time to shine. By creating an online video highlighting your skills, personality and achievements, you are showcasing yourself to potential employers in a unique and modern way. Make the most of this experience as it could truly lead you to something big.

The job market is always fluctuating but in Australia, hard work and dedication always pay off in the end. The best candidates for a job are those who go the extra mile. That’s what you’ll be doing by creating and presenting a job-seeking showcase video with JOB PEDAL.

Good luck on your job-seeking journey.