What is Jobpedal?

Jobpedal is a online platform that help job seekers to create video profiles and connect with employers easily.

Job Seeker App

Use the Jobpedal app to find jobs easily
  1. Download IOS or Android Jobpedal App
  2. Register easily
  3. Create multiple video profiles according to preference
  4. Create intro video and link to profile
  5. View available jobs opportunities and apply

Employer System

Use our Employer system to find Job Seekers
  1. Register with Jobpedal Employers
  2. Post Job-ads for free
  3. Search job seekers
  4. View job seeker profiles and intro videos
  5. Shortlist and recruit suitable job seekers

Download Jobpedal Today

Below links can be used to download the Jobpedal IOS or Android version to your phone. You can also search for “Jobpedal” in the app store/play store to find the Jobpedal app.
Job Seekers

How Jobpedal Help Job Seekers?

Helping job seekers to find employment is our primary objective. They can use the system via the Jobpedal apps available freely for IOS and Android. They can easily register and create multiple video profiles and share with the employers on suitable job opportunities within and outside Jobpedal.

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How Jobpedal Help Employers?

By registering with the Jobpedal employer system gives employers access to thousands of Job seekers registered in the system. Registered employers are able view video profiles and shortlist job seekers saving a lot of time on the recruitment process. Furthermore, they can post job ads on the system and find suitable candidates for available positions. All this is totally FREE!

Access Employer System
Job Services Provider

Are you a Job Services Provider?

By registering with the Jobpedal system as a Job Services Provider, you are able to manage all your Jobseekers registered in the system easily. You are also able to share your job seeker list with potential employers easily. All this is totally FREE!

Access Job Services Provider System

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